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In recent years, smart specialisation strategies have been a widely used concept to support research and innovation, especially in EU countries. As the name suggests, the concept is oriented towards the “smart, intelligent” exploitation and development of a country’s or region’s potential, aiming to create long-term competitive advantages that are based on knowledge exploitation and innovation. The concept of smart specialisation needs to be perceived as a new approach to innovation policy, where – instead of overall support for research and innovation activities – state interventions focus on selected priority areas with a high potential for the development and application of new knowledge in economic activities. The strategy builds on the strengths of a country or region and its specific capacities and resources in terms of economics, innovation and research.

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A resilient economy based on knowledge and innovation

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News in the teaching of informatics in elementary schools

2. 8. 2022 How are we successful in fulfil the horizontal priority of the National RIS3 strategy People and smart skills? Does the content of initial education in primary and secondary schools change? Is the system of teaching computer science and technical fields improving? Will our education system produce people prepared for life in the 21st century? Read more

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