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RIS3 strategy priorities

Two levels of priorities, which are set out in the National RIS3 Strategy, are supposed to help to achieve this long-term strategic vision:

  • The horizontal priorities respond to the need to address the cross-cutting problems of the R&D&I system as a whole. In the key areas of change, the Czech Republic needs to achieve significant shifts in order to strengthen the country’s basic background that is required for the well-functioning development of the country’s strengths and its knowledge and innovation potential. Within the horizontal priorities, the horizontal strategic and specific objectives of the National RIS3 Strategy are defined, which are aimed at improving the innovation performance of companies, the quality of public research, the availability of qualified people for R&D&I and the use of new technologies and digitalisation. At the level of the horizontal priorities, the National RIS3 Strategy is closely interlinked with overarching strategies, and it incorporates some measures that are implemented by other strategic documents (especially the National R&D&I Policy).
  • Thematic (vertical) priorities, which are based on the strengths of the Czech Republic and its specific capacities and resources at the level of economic, innovation and research. The National RIS3 Strategy within the domains of specialization seeks to link the opportunities offered by the Czech economic background with research capacities and key technologies, which represent crucial opportunities for moving to higher value-added activities, shifting in value chains and creating specific market niches and segments. An important part of the thematic priorities is also the area of societal challenges and related missions. In terms of smart specialization, societal challenges are external stimuli that may be in the nature of social, economic and environmental needs and threats, but at the same time create opportunities and preconditions for innovative solutions, including technological and social innovation.

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