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Horizontal priority Research and Innovation for Business

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A cross-cutting issue of the Czech economy is the fact that the current model of economic competitiveness based on cost differentials compared to advanced economies has already been exhausted.

There is a risk of shifting production abroad and growing competition from regions such as East Asia in industries that not only use cheap labour but are also based on knowledge- and technology-intensive activities. Therefore, a response from the state is necessary as part of its innovation policy. For that reason, the following objectives have been set:

Strategic objective: A. Increase the innovation performance of businesses

The intention of this strategic objective is to increase the added value and labour productivity of enterprises, to refocus them on innovation of higher-order, to improve their position within multinational, groups and global supply chains, and to encourage the use of new opportunities and the resulting creation and development of new businesses. At the same time, it is important to strengthen the endogenous business sector.

This strategic objective is monitored via the following indicators.

Specific objectives:

A 1 Strengthening the innovation performance of existing businesses and responding to industrial transformation, technological and societal change

This objective is aimed at supporting the development of existing enterprises in terms of increasing their innovative performance, increasing investment in research, development and innovation, and focusing on increasing the added value. Its purpose is mainly to support enterprises in developing non-productive value chain activities, to support the improvement of their position within global supply chains and, in the case of foreign-controlled enterprises, within their multinational groups.

A 2 The creation and growth of new businesses and the seizing of new opportunities

The purpose of this objective is to ensure appropriate conditions for the creation and development of (not only) technology firms in areas with high growth potential, higher added value, and also responding to new opportunities related to current technological and social trends. Starting a business, especially in technology sectors, is often more investment-intensive and risky, and the founders of these businesses need a variety of specific services and conditions to implement their business plans. Virtually all developed countries in the world are trying to create these in various ways.

A 3 Improving the functioning of innovation ecosystems at national and regional levels

Improving the functioning of national and regional innovation ecosystems is a pre-requisite for increasing the added value of existing businesses and their response to technological trends, as well as for the creation of new businesses and the seizing of new opportunities (i.e. the first two specific objectives). The successful development of SMEs requires the development of support services, including specific advice in the form of coaching and mentoring, and including support for the necessary infrastructure and services to enable the testing of R&D results and other. It is also necessary to develop cooperation both between enterprises and between business and research (academia) and to promote the transfer of technology and R&D results into practice.

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