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The aim of the Advanced Medicine and Pharmaceuticals specialisation domain is to contribute to improving the quality of life for all age and social groups through research and innovation. To integrate new procedures and technologies into health care and to ensure effective health care for the population of the Czech Republic. 



The domain is included under the Health Care, Advanced Medicine thematic area.

Why is advanced medicine included among the RIS3 priorities?

  • Health care in the Czech Republic is at a high level and we want to keep it that way
  • The population is ageing and life expectancy is increasing. We want the quality of life to be high even in later life
  • We have sufficient research capacity and a strong knowledge base
  • We are achieving success in the field of clinical medicine, even in international comparison
  • We are successful in developing new procedures, medications, vaccines and other substances

Application sectors in the thematic area

The thematic area Health Care, Advanced Medicine has one application sector Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices and Life Science.


Strategic themes for research and innovation in application sectors

Personalised and precision medicine

The field of personalised and precision medicine is very broad. It covers the field of highly individualised diagnostics and individually formulated therapeutic products. In the Czech Republic, this area is very important both historically and from an industrial perspective. The Czech Republic has the ability to develop products and to take them to the stage of products used in the healthcare system.

Telemedicine, eHEALTH and AI

Telemedicine is an important progressive area of contemporary medicine. In the context of the Covid pandemic19 , it has become more important as patients were not able to see a physician in the standard way (check-ups, prevention, etc.). The Czech Republic has an infrastructure dedicated to developments in this field. The area is also significant in the historical context. eHealth is a broader concept. The field of AI represents the application of artificial intelligence.

Medical devices

Medical devices are a big theme. In this respect, the Czech Republic is a country with a functioning industry that supplies Czech hospitals in a significant way. This field has a history that has put the Czech Republic in a good position compared to other countries

Innovative products and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

This field includes innovative products as well as technological solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Prevention, public health and health system resilience

In the context of the Covid pandemic19 , the importance of prevention, public health and health system resilience has increased. Anticipation of future threats of a similar nature is required. This theme resonates significantly across the National Recovery Plan as one of its objectives. Epidemiology and prevention of the most serious threats, typical multi-factorial diseases of civilisation (diabetes mellitus, etc.), management of biological threats, and protection from addictive substances including counterfeit drugs are major areas of focus in health protection.

Key enabling technologies in the Advanced Medicine and Pharmaceuticals domain

Applied research and experimental development in health care, advanced medicine and pharmaceuticals can focus on all key enabling technologies. Each of them can be used to innovate in all application sectors belonging to this domain, but also in other areas.

The specific research and innovation themes for key enabling technologies in this domain can be found in Annex 1 to the National RIS3.

More detailed general information on key enabling technologies can be found here.

Themes concerning social sciences, humanities and arts included under the Medicine and Pharmaceuticals domain

The following SSHA themes will be explored and developed in this domain: 

Specific research topics in the social sciences, humanities and arts in this domain can be found in Annex 1 to the National RIS3.

More detailed general information on the themes of social sciences, humanities and arts can be found here.

National Innovation Platform Health Care, Advanced Medicine

National Innovation Platforms are working groups where the entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) is put into practice.

The domain of Advanced Medicine and Pharmaceuticals is discussed in the National Innovation Platform IV - Healthcare, Advanced Medicine, where representatives of business, research and public spheres meet; this is the well-known Triple Helix model.


Silueta M

Professional guarantor of  National Innovation Platform IV – Health Care, Advanced Medicine: Ondřej Slabý, Masaryk University, 


Silueta M

Secretary of  National Innovation Platform IV – Health Care, Advanced Medicine: Jiří Turek, MIT CR,

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