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Holders of the National RIS3 Strategy

The national level of RIS3 has a key overarching role, sets the framework for the direction of interventions under the RIS3, and fulfils a coordinating role towards the institutions that implement support within this framework.

At the top level, the National RIS3 Strategy is sponsored by the Government of the Czech Republic, which approves the strategy. A fundamental role in coordinating the entire R&D&I system in the Czech Republic is played by the Research, Development and Innovation Council (RDIC), which is an advisory body to the Government in this area. One of the important tasks of the RDIC is to prepare and implement the National Research, Development and Innovation Policy (NP R&D&I), which is closely interlinked with the National RIS3 Strategy in that, among other things, it includes Action 21, Pg. 44, aimed at implementing the National RIS3 Strategy.

The owner of the National RIS3 Strategy is the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Digitalisation and Innovation Section. In its role as the owner of the National RIS3 Strategy, the MIT is responsible, among other things, for the coordination of the RIS3 Management Committee and the functioning of the executive units for implementing the National RIS3 Strategy, i.e. the National RIS3 Manager and the RIS3 Team. The MIT is also responsible for making the EDP process work at the national level, which is implemented through the National Innovation Platforms.

National dimension - structure

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