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Home Priorities Missions and societal challenges The mission “Strengthening society’s resilience to security threats”

The mission “Strengthening society’s resilience to security threats”

The purpose of the mission “Strengthening society’s resilience to security threats” is to find possible solutions to respond flexibly to developments in society and, in particular, to predict and achieve the ability to prevent emergencies or, after an emergency, to eliminate the consequences and restore the facts to their original state in a higher quality, through the results of R&D&I.

The main objective is to acquire and effectively develop innovative knowledge, methods and technologies that enable the Czech security system and its stakeholders to face current and future risks arising from the changing security environment through systematic use and building of research capacities.

The mission Strengthening society’s resilience to security threats is divided into 4 sub-areas.

  • Stability, reliability and sustainability of social, economic, and environmental systems
  • Reducing risks and increasing resilience
  • Developing security system capabilities
  • Security incident response

For each area, a Mission Objective Card was prepared, describing the basic parameters that need to be achieved to accomplish the mission. Details of the mission and the draft mission objective cards can be found in Annex 1