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Three dimensions of the research and innovation specialisation domain

In each domain of research and innovation specialisation of the Czech Republic, three dimensions are identified, which specify research directions and innovation focus in more detail.
First of all, the strategic themes of applied research and experimental development and innovation that have the greatest potential to transform a given sector and for which there is also sufficient and adequate capacity in the Czech Republic, both in the field of research (i.e. creation of new knowledge) and in the field of application of this knowledge (innovation capacity) have been identified. Strategic themes are themes with the potential to support industries within the domains of specialisation to better prosper and increase the competitiveness of the Czech Republic.
The second dimension is Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), i.e. technologies based on advanced knowledge that bring high added value to new products and services. As such, they have a larger potential to contribute towards strengthening the competitiveness of the European economy and its sustainable growth, while creating new jobs.
The third dimension is that of the social sciences, humanities and the arts (SSHA), which must also be the focus of research and development, as every new technology and every innovation has an impact and influence on people and society.

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